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December 16 2014

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Miss you.
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Lasertagging / LED Throwies - metro @ PULSTV - YouTube

Rest In Pixels. #1UP #Metalab #Vienna #Wien #Austria --Aaron Muszalski
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October 09 2014

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Another long forgotten shot i found while sorting through old metalab-photos
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April 28 2014

Back, a little bit

Tomorrow, I'm leaving San Francisco, the city I had left a bit more than 4 years ago, to arrive in Vienna on 16.12.2009. When I found ground under my feet again, I did not have it for long - we had already lost you.

For the first time in a while, I once again got a glimpse of how your passing has impacted the life of our community, the life of close friends, and my own. I noticed that when I met some of my friends who I hadn't seen or heard since my last visit, your death became somewhat of a frame for a lot of the things that happened afterwards. I assume the fact that your passing coincided with my arrival makes me especially prone to this kind of pattern matching. I did not expect that returning to this place turns out to be as dark as it did.

I found myself apologizing for bringing you and your circumstances up. I found myself quietly mourning, unable to share some of the darkness as I saw my friends here struggle with their own set of difficulties. I revisiting some of the thoughts that I thought I shook off after the first few weeks of trying to cope with your loss. Some of them relating to guilt, for not having intervened as much as I would have hoped to see from others, for maybe contributing to the pressure in your heart and mind by merely following my path, and inadvertently giving off a perception of … a kind of success that you did not have in your own life at that point.

As far fetched and arrogant as this sounds, I'm in this position right now. I struggle with my friend's success. Boy, do I. San Francisco really hit that one home too. I struggle with my mental health, my ability to see a path I can call my own and feels like it too.

I miss you, I miss seeing you grow up. And, I guess, I just for the first time publicly admitted that I'm afraid that I somehow contributed to your detriment. I assume now it's time for me to deal with that.

I'm not quite sure why I'm about to post this to the public. I guess this place is just the place of our/my mourning, despite the lack of privacy. Right now, unloading into a void makes the most sense. PS: no worries.
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December 16 2013

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Ak-Baital Pass, Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

Even at the end of the world...
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I talk out loud like you're still around.
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Erinnerungen an Flo.

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December 16 2012

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Installation at Burning Man 2011 dedicated to @oneup in collaboration with @muotipoju and 99c0ins 

We miss you, flo.
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Found @oneup's (draft?) application for "die Angewandte" [PDF, 39MB] on a backup drive. We've discussed it briefly, endorsed it.

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September 15 2012

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accidentally hovered over this entry in my jabber-client's buddylist...
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September 06 2012

June 21 2012

Die Hackerszene ist leider voll von Mackern. Gerade die amerikanischen Hacker, die Sicherheitssysteme knacken, sind eine reine Mackerszene. Da gilt noch: Harte Männer heulen nicht. Das ist auch in Europa so. Es gibt auch wenige Räume für solche Gespräche. Es gibt einen von Hackern besuchten Club in Wien, das Metalab, wo so etwas passiert, weil Florian sich in der Stadt umgebracht hat …

Florian Hufsky, ein österreichischer Hacker und Piratenpartei-Gründer, der sich 2009 das Leben nahm …

… genau, deswegen sprechen sie in Wien darüber. Das Metalab selbst ist fast schon ein sicherer Ort, ein Safe Space. Dort wird Diskriminierung nicht geduldet. So was kenne ich sonst nirgendwo.

- taz.de
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May 23 2012

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Dark Side of Action
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May 03 2012

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